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Hey, Tar Heels! We hope you all enjoyed seeing how some of our Carolina Social Influencers set up their workspaces for success. If you haven’t already, you can read read that blog post here. Today, Carolina students are back to share a few tips on how they decompress after a day of remote learning.


ice coffee being held up inside a car
Hunter treats himself to an iced coffee on a daily drive.

“We all know that Zoom fatigue is real, and that we need to step away from our workspaces for our own mental and physical well-being. So here are a few of the activities that I do on a daily basis for my own ~sanity~. 

I start out each morning with a drive to get me out of my apartment, I roll the windows down to feel the fresh air, put on a good playlist and sometimes I’ll treat myself to an iced coffee. Whenever my virtual day ends, the first thing I do is leave my workspace and get outside — either by going on a walk around my apartment complex or taking a mid-afternoon drive. 

Finally, I make sure I’m staying connected to friends and family, either by FaceTiming them, or by going to visit friends nearby (social distancing and masks required!)” – Hunter ’22 




Apple watch on a wrist
Alyssa checks her activity levels on her watch.


“Every day, I try to make an effort to get outside and unplug from school and work. The fresh air is literally a refresher for my day and I use this time walking or running to reflect on my day or call a family member! It’s become a great part of my routine that I’ll probably continue even after I transition back to in-person learning.” – Alyssa ’22







Yenah standing in a garden
Yenah on a walk at the farmers market.


“My favorite way to unplug and relax is by going outside. I feel at peace when I go on walks with a podcast or music on. I also like to go grocery shopping at the Carrboro or State Farmers Market.” – Yenah ’21








Lizzy sharing a thumbs up
Lizzy shares a thumbs up while wearing a mask outdoors.

“After spending so much time staring at screens, I like to unwind by listening to podcasts! I’m the kind of person who hates silence, so long car rides or walks are always accompanied by either music or a good podcast! 

When I’m feeling really stuck and restless, I’ll go on a nice long run outside to soak in some sunlight and give my eyes a break. Sometimes, I’ll combine both of these and listen to a podcast WHILE I run. That’s when I’m really treating myself. 

Everyone has different ways of protecting their mental health, but I have found that the most important thing I can do is just focus on the small joys and write down what I’m thankful for at the end of the day.” – Lizzy ’22






We hope you can find your own way to decompress this week and in the final weeks of the semester. Take time for yourself and do something safely that brings you joy!



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