Thank you for taking the time to share your story with the UNC community through Snapchat!

First: Think about what your day will look like.

  • How can you narrate your story by speaking directly to the audience via dynamic videos and photos?
  • Are your photos/videos going to be of your environment, yourself, or a mixture?
  • How can you include activities into your story, such as class, events, meetings, adventures, etc.?
  • Will you use geo-filters on your pictures/videos?
  • How can you give the audience a sense of who you are and why you are a part of the UNC community?

You will be given a UNC social media iPod, portable charger and charger cord on the day of your #TarHeelTakeover. Make sure your story has a beginning, middle and end.

  • Your first snap should be the #TarHeelTakeover graphic, which can be found in the iPod’s photo album
  • Introduce yourself when you begin your Snapchat story so our audience will know our story has changed from traditional UNC postings to a #TarHeelTakeover
  • Tell your story
  • End your #TarHeelTakeover with a goodbye/goodnight and thank UNC fans for following along.

Snapchat Specifics:

  • IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT use any third party apps to upload to Snapchat. This may result in Snapchat locking our account. Please only use the Snapchat app itself.
  • Select how long you want your photo to play in your story
  • If snapping a video, take your environment into account for sound and visibility
  • Always add your snaps to “my story”
  • At the end of your takeover, download your entire story and save to the iPod

Other things to think about:

  • Be consistent in your filters and persona for the day
  • Also please be consistent with the orientation of your snaps. We recommend always using a vertical orientation for photos and videos.
  • Don’t post the same picture all day. Example, repeating group selfies. Mix it up with photos of you, selfie videos, and photos of you and friends/teammates/etc.
  • Feel free to include shout outs to others and tell people to follow you on Snapchat
  • Stay true to you and have fun!

*Rollins College’s Snapchat Best Practices for an Account Takeover was used as a template for this guide