National Argyle Day demands to be celebrated, at least at Carolina since argyle has been a part of the design of our men’s basketball uniforms for 25 seasons. It all started when fashion designer Alexander Julian, owner of Julian’s on Franklin, received a call from Dean Smith with one request – produce a design that would change the look of the uniforms. Since then, argyle has been added to more Carolina athletic uniforms, not just for basketball.

With the update, UNC argyle became an iconic design that Carolina students, faculty, staff and fans celebrate. On this year’s National Argyle Day (Jan. 8), we hosted a #UNCargyle contest on Snapchat. The task was simple: snap us a picture of yourself wearing UNC argyle and/or a picture of you using the special argyle filter we (and the athletics department) put out around the residence halls on south campus.

Those who sent us a snap were included in our story at the end of the day. Every participant received a UNC social media t-shirt and one grand prize winner received a hat from Julian’s – a coveted prize indeed.


To promote this contest we shared articles about UNC argyle – one with the Alexander Julian back story and another from the New York Times about this “winning pattern.” We tweeted and snaped about the contest. We also cross-promoted on our Instagram stories by putting out a short message with a link to check out more details.

Here are the numbers:

  • 17 UNC argyle participants
  • 3,500 views of our Snapchat story
  • Almost 10,000 views of our Instagram stories cross-promoting post
  • Over 500 positive reactions across both Facebook and Twitter. This included reactions to the articles about UNC argyle we shared.
  • 62 shares of our overall messaging across Facebook and Twitter combined

The interesting part of looking at the results of this contest was seeing where participants were from. Of the 17 participants, less than half were actually in North Carolina. Participants came from Georgia, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York and even California, all proof that the love for Carolina runs far and deep.

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